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27th Week of Ordinary Time – Year A

We have begun at last! The Vigil Mass was ‘streamed’ last Saturday evening at the usual time of 6.00 pm., though without a Congregation, in accordance with the regulations. If people had been invited to participate, somebody would have had to remain after Mass and ‘deep clean’ the building in order for the Sunday morning Mass to be celebrated.

26th Week of Ordinary Time – Year A

With news of more ‘lock-downs’ and more restrictions on social gatherings and travel. Whatever can be next? The only certainty is that we are in for a protracted period of ‘living-with-the-virus’ and having to act sensibly, safely and seriously.

25th Week of Ordinary Time – Year A

With even further limitations on activity being introduced in order to combat the pandemic more effectively – at least , that is the expectation , and we continue to do our best to keep everyone safe.

24th Week of Ordinary Time – Year A

So, we have another  ‘tweaking’ of the rules by the Government with regard to  ‘Covid’  containment instructions;  and  listening to any number of people, the majority of folk express the opinion that restrictions are going to become more stringent before they get  ‘better’ –  whatever that may mean in the new world that this pandemic is forcing us to inhabit.

23rd Sunday of Ordinary Time Year A

At the time of writing, there has been no relaxation in the regulations with regard to the opening of our churches, and so the measures we have taken at St. Mary’s and St. Paul’s, for the safety of all concerned, continue to apply in all their vigour.

22nd Week of Ordinary Time – Year A

What with the excitement of beginning limited-numbers, Sunday Mass last weekend , and producing a Newsletter / Order of Service for the same , I simply forgot to put together some words for the website. My apologies.

Music in our parishes

MUSIC AT ST MARY’S Click here for details of Music at Masses.   MUSIC AT ST FRANCES OF ROME Click here for details of the Music Group. Click here for details of St Frances’ Choir.  

Children’s Liturgy (St Mary’s)

The Children’s Liturgy Group welcomes children from approximately 4-9 years on Sunday mornings at 9.15 am Mass in the Parish Rooms. The children hear a simplified Gospel story, discuss points and then complete a related activity. The children return at the offertory, and bring their work to share with the congregation. Activity bags are available […]

Living Simply

Livesimply is an initiative launched by the Catholic relief agency, CAFOD, to encourage lifestyles that are simple, sustainable and that show support for the poor. Following the release of Laudato Si’, Pope Francis’ message to care for creation, Catholics have been reflecting on what it means for our lives. Our parish is no exception. We […]